Greetings! To contact Conscious Plat use the contact tab at the top of this site. To purchase the new Conscious Plat CD Straight Outta Consciousness click on the music tab at the top of this site. The website is also The website is a site where elevating the African mind is the mission. This is a peaceful community guided by the Ancestors. The mission is bridging the gap between People of African descent. The various videos, blogs and other post does not necessarily reflect the views of Conscious Plat. Members are welcome to freely post content to the site but are encouraged to do so in a respectful manor. Religious preferences, Political views, etc. are not a determining factor for membership at The Conscious African Mind. Our main goals are promoting unity, circulating knowledge, peace and love. We welcome you to network, organize and unite under the umbrella of the Conscious African Mind. We should not separate ourselves by titles. Here at The Conscious African Mind, Black, Nubian, African American, or any other Afrocentric titles you may identify with are reverted to African. We must all identify with being African first. This is a crucial step in embracing our roots. The Conscious African Mind was founded by singer, writer and poet Conscious Plat. Conscious Plat disseminates powerful messages in her music which inspires others. To learn more about Conscious Plat click the following link. (Conscious Plat Bio) The Conscious African Store is currently being created and will launch soon.